MB Whatsapp APK Download

MB Whatsapp APK Download

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With MB Whatsapp application, you are able to chat with your friends through a friendly conversation screen, which is different from the official WhatsApp application.

Version: v9.93 Size: 60MB

There are millions of people who use WhatsApp every day. Almost everything we do these days involves WhatsApp, whether it’s a friendly chat or a business or education-related conversation.

It is clearly important that an app has a certain level of customization and security if you are relying on it so heavily. It is where MB WhatsApp comes to the rescue.

What is MB WhatsApp Apk?

The MB WhatsApp is an alternative or mod version of the original WhatsApp that allows you to customize the chatting experience.

With this application, you are able to chat with your friends through a friendly conversation screen, which is different from the official WhatsApp application.

MBWhatsApp APK

Simply put, MB WhatsApp aims to enhance the existing features and settings in the original WhatsApp application and to add additional choices that can improve the user experience and allow for more effective functionality when sharing information online.

Below let’s discuss the features, starting with its specifications.

There are some other alternatives to MBWhatsapp Apk like GB Whatsapp, AN Whatsapp, AGWhatsapp, OGWhatsappJTWhatsapp, etc.

Download MBWhatsapp Apk on Android device:

With MB WhatsApp, the user has access to a different interface from the official app, including a lower bar with different options.

You can even use two WhatsApp accounts at once with the download package we provide you from this website.

There is more to this app which you will learn in detail below.

MBWhatsApp APK
Application nameMB WhatsApp
Updated Versionv9.93
DeveloperStefano YG
File size62MB
MOD FeatureiOS Theme
Updated1 day ago

Exclusive features of MB WhatsApp:

User interfaces for iPhones:

One of the best features of MB WhatsApp is that the interface has exactly the same look and feel as WhatsApp iOS14, including chats, settings, and all the rest of the interfaces.

iPhone emoji:

You will find that MB WhatsApp’s emojis are identical to iPhone’s emojis since it carries the iPhone theme.

Go to Settings > MB preferences > other options > emoji size to change the size of the emojis.

Messages sent to un-saved numbers:

Without the need to save the numbers to your contacts, MBWhatsApp allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers.

Auto reply feature:

When you are busy, WhatsApp offers Auto-Reply, which sends a custom message when you are unavailable.

Also, you can set the time and date when the messages want to be sent. This feature can be customized to send when and how often you want.

MB Themes:

The MB Themes are available when you download MBWhatsApp. With this feature, you can customize your app’s appearance, including its color scheme and fonts.

Light mode and dark mode are also available for your convenience, allowing you to conserve your battery life and keep your eyes safe.

Top-notch security features:

Using Fingerprint Lock, Password Lock, or Pattern Lock, you can secure your WhatsApp and Chats.

Additionally, a new Anti-Ban system is included in its latest version of MBWhatsapp.

Because of this, there is no risk of WhatsApp banning you. Moreover, end-to-end encryption ensures the safety of user chats. Also, you can hide media from your gallery with this app.

You will not be able to save any media unless you choose to do so. The best thing is you can lock a particular WhatsApp chat

Bluetick after replying:

Generally, WhatsApp’s Blue Tick feature enables users to see messages that have already been read.

However, we cannot always reply to every message immediately.

As a result, once the user replies to the text in MB WhatsApp, a blue tick appears.

Additional features:

Moreover, there is no limit to how many messages you can forward. On the other hand, there is no limit on forwarding.

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode:

You can disable all calls and messages in MB WhatsApp iOS APK using it’s DND (Do Not Disturb) feature. As a result, users are able to concentrate on their work without being disturbed.

Add reactions to texts:

In settings > MB Preferences > conversation screen > bubbles and tickles > enable massage reaction, you can add reactions to messages like Instagram and Messenger.

MBWhatsApp status:

When it comes to WhatsApp status messaging, MB WhatsApp gives you several options.

If the video status is long, you can either cut it down or make a written version.

Likewise, you can download your friends’ statuses without even knowing them.

How to download and install MB WhatsApp?

The installation of MBWhatsApp is much like installing any other WhatsApp MOD, and you will have to follow a few very simple steps.

But before these check your phone fulfills the below-mentioned requirements.

Requirements for this app on Android devices:

  • You should have at least Android version 4.0 on your mobile device.
  • MB Whatsapp app, you can download MB Whatsapp from our download page.

Lastly, you will also need a stable internet connection to download this app by below download button.

Step-by-step procedure:

Point 1: Ensure that all chats are backed up (Settings > Chats > Backup and click Save)

Point 2: You should uninstall WhatsApp or any modification you might have installed on the number where you will install MBWhatsApp.

Point 3: If you are using a tablet or a smartphone, turn on the option to “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources“, depending on your device. You can do this by going to Phone Settings > Security.

Point 4: It depends on whether you are installing it as a main or secondary number and which package or APK you want to download.

Point 5: The installation process starts when you click the APK file, and you must confirm your number, grant permissions, restore your backup, and write your nickname.

Point 6: As soon as the installation is complete, choose NEVER for the frequency of backup uploads to Google Drive.

Point 7: The process is simpler if you want to update MBWhatsApp instead. Simply download the same package you’ve already installed and click to start the installation on your Android device.

Point 8: You don’t have to follow any installation steps since there won’t be any verification.

Point 9: MBWhatsApp needs to be updated before changing its theme, so make sure you save it before updating.

Point 10: By clicking Settings > MB Preferences > Themes, you can save a theme by clicking the + button, giving it a name, and clicking Confirm.

How to resolve MB WhatsApp login issue on an Android device?

The app has been reported as having login issues by many users. Most of the time, the problem was that they didn’t receive the OTP they needed to verify.

It may be due to a server issue with WhatsApp’s original version.

There’s no need to worry because everything will be handled by WhatsApp’s official team automatically. After that, you can reinstall MB WhatsApp Apk on your Android device.

There is a possibility that you are downloading an older version of the App. We recommend using MB WhatsApp’s latest version at all times.

On the other hand, you should also check the specifications of your device and your Internet connection.

But remember you won’t be able to download the Apk if your device doesn’t meet the requirements.

How to Backup Whatsapp chat to MB Whatsapp without Google Drive?

MB Whatsapp provides an easy way to transfer messages from Whatsapp to MB Whatsapp without a Google Drive account.

Here in the below section, you will learn how to easily import your WA chats into MB Whatsapp. Follow all steps carefully.

In case you are switching from WhatsApp to MBWhatsApp, you may wonder what to do with your important WhatsApp messages.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered, so refer to the below step-by-step procedure for the details.

The steps are simple.

Step: 1 Firstly, open Whatsapp.

Step: 2 To do this, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Step: 3 Select Settings from the menu.

Step: 4 Tap on the chat option now.

Step: 5 You can back up your chat by clicking the Chat Backup option. You will now see a green backup button. Tap on the backup button. You will be prompted to back up your messages. The process will take a few seconds to complete.

Step: 6 Open MB Whatsapp after it has been installed. MBWhatsapp Access should be allowed to create its folders.

Step: 7 You now need to open the files on your phone. It is important to note that MB Whatsapp and Whatsapp are not inside the Android folder if your phone is older than Android 11.

Step: 8 Search for the Android or media option. Click on the media option. Go to com.whatsapp and open it. Go to the folder in which the backup was created and click on it.

Step: 9: Click on Settings>Chats>Phone>Media>com.whatsapp>Whatsapp>Backup

The Whatsapp folder will appear once you click on the media. You should move the Whatsapp folder.

Step: 10 To move the WhatsApp folder, select it and move it to com.mbwhatsapp. You can move the Whatsapp folder by following these steps.

  • Go to Android>Media>Com.mbwhatsapp.
  • The MBWhatsapp folder in the com.mbwhatsapp folder needs to be renamed to MB Whatsapp by opening the com.mbwhatsapp directory.
  • The folder you moved inside com.mbwhatsapp must be renamed. The Whatsapp name should be changed to MBWhatsapp.
  • Open the MB Whatsapp app and log in. There is now a backup option available. Once you click it, all your messages will be restored

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of MB Whatsapp?

There is a modded version of WhatsApp called MB WhatsApp that provides additional features that are not available in the official WhatsApp application.

With the introduction of this new feature, users will be able to experience a more customized chat experience by being given more control over their chats, privacy settings, and customization options.

What is the MBWhatsApp limit?

You can send or forward 16 MB of media files through MBWhatsApp (photos, videos, and voice messages).

How to change my MBWhatsApp theme?

To change the theme of WhatsApp, tap More options > Settings > Chats > Theme. Tap Dark > OK to turn dark mode on. Light: Disable dark mode.

Wrapping up!

There is no doubt that you will enjoy with MB Whatsapp due to its great interface. Besides this, you will find a lot of cool and useful features in this version which you have learned above.

Overall, the mode allows you to do a lot of things.

So, go to the legit site right now and download this new WhatsApp mode for your phone and explore its functions and features for yourself.

We hope you found this information helpful!